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Alabama Red Dirt Roads.....

We left creepy Montgomery this morning. The place has the 5th highest crime rate in the us. And the hotel bathroom smelled like butt. Hey! I call em like I smell em.

We traveled just back roads and I swear they were just logging rds because we only saw log trucks. Here’s some knowledge, kids: Alabama’s 3rd biggest GDP is wood. I thought all we would see is cotton fields!
Still no little southern towns did we see. We saw a lot of boarded up general stores but that was it. I expected at every bend in the road and little dot on the map we would find “Southern Brigadoon”.
We found ourselves in Monroeville birthplace of Truman Capote (author of In Cold Blood)and Harper Lee ( author of To Kill a Mockingbird.) We ate at a little diner: Chicken pot pie, rutabaga and collard greens. It was super good! The courthouse and museum was impressive. Rod had never read the book so he was in ‘literary hell’. I tried to tell him the story but I saw the glazed over look and shut up. We stopped in a bookstore and talked books with the storeowner. I fell in love with her!! She just had Fannie Flagg for a book signing that weekend there….urrgghh! I would be happy to have a cot in the back room and live there forever! I asked her about finding the preverbal small southern town. Sadly, she said they really do not exist anymore. Most residents eat, work and shop in the larger cities. Most of the people work in the auto plants rather than farming. I rounded up Rod who was sitting outside. He enlightened me that the two guys in the store were gay. Why, I asked. “Because I heard onesay ‘she is just divine’ and other was wearing a scarf and it’s 90 degrees out!”….
We took off for Fairhope on the gulf. An Amazing super duper upscale place. Jimmy Buffet and Fannie Flagg live there. We couldn’t get a hotel so we ended up in Biloxi. Dinner was at the wildest bbq place. The Shed. The owner was a hoader so they got all his junk together, started bbqing and voila…..The Shack. It was on a tip from the hotel clerk and it was way off on a dark backroad. It was great food but I'm guessing it flys under the radar of the Miss health dept.
Tomorrow: New Orleans!

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Didn't find one small town.....

.....But I did see a drive through condom store

Seriously....but Rod would not turn around for me to grab a photo. We started out the day touring the Stones River battlefield and cemetery. 23,000 died there in two days. Boy, I felt like a real Yankee turd.
We left and just took back roads to Birmingham. Tennessee has more horses than people in my opinion. No frumpy farms anywhere! Ok, a minor detour to shop at DSW....:). We ate at a BBQ place that had no BBQ just a huge salad bar of bad food. We were the only ones under 80.
I thought I would see fields of cotton but we were surprised at the woods here and it looks like they log them.
I saw no little towns that fit my perception just a lot of Dollar Generals, Home Depots and mini marts. We really were off the beaten path too.
We are in Montgomery Alabama. Not a nice town from what I have seen. There are whole huge malls closed up and it just looks ragged. We did eat our weight in Sushi tonight.
Tomorrow we are going to a few tiny towns on the way down to Mobile. With the temps in the 90s....the beach sounds great.
I have taken photos but hard to get on my iPad. Tomorrow I will try on Rod's laptop.

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The Pathetic Yankee

..exploring the Deep South


We hit the road this morning and got as far as Murfreesboro Tennessee. The temp was low 50s when we left and was 88 here in TN. It is now 11pm and it is 77! Love it! Murfreesboro reminds me of Carmel, IN. Pretty upscale. We did a sushi restaurant drive by but there was no one eating...Not a good sign. We ate at Demos which was really popular Italian restaurant.

For all my life I have had a weakness for Southern literature. Every novel has left an imprint of what I think is the typical small southern town: a general store, old men and a mutt on the porch, kudzu vines, rr tracks and a BBQ shack.
Tomorrow we leave the highway and take nothing but the back roads heading south. We have no time table, reservations or anything.
I will let you know what I find and I sure wish I could lose the northern accent y'all!

A few of my favorite Southern lit. novels

To kill a mockingbird
This property is condemned
Fried green tomatoes
The help
Where the heart is
The honk and holler opening soon
Cold sassy tree
The heart is a lonely hunter
Gap creek
Fannie flagg's novels
The secret life of bees
Gone with the wind

thank you Comparet family for holding down our Fort back home!

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